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We help in-house teams make better products through design systems.

Case Study Conversations

Borrowing an All-Star Team

We helped reconcept Harvard Business School’s Digital Initiative, a curated resource about the digital transformation of the economy.

Launching a News Site, One Template at a Time

We helped iteratively improve, the region’s largest and most trusted source for news and sports.

Finding a Point of View

We helped reimagine Smashing Magazine, a digital publication for web designers and developers.

Every Good Design System Has an Acronym

We helped the Seventh-day Adventist Church build a design system.

  We helped With
2019 Shop Talk Show Reconcepting the site for this industry-leading development sound effects podcast
Redacted Design system for this international enterprise.
InVision Creating “Design Systems: Mastering Design at Scale,” a video content series to share what we’ve learned about building enterprise design systems.
2018 FX Networks Product concepts for new 10-foot and lean-back experiences.
Ben Lido Making this travel startup’s site more seamless for jetsetters.
Redacted Repositioning its product offering for the solar energy market
Outstanding Company Branding & identity for this non-profit to help professional musicians with the “professional” part.
IQVIA A design system focused on analytics and big data for this newly merged healthcare company.
The Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University Giving 20 years of internet & society content a new online home.
The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Concepting and architecting their online loyalty program and revamping their flagship website.
CastingQual Information architecture, art direction, and design for a brand new qualitiative research tool and a landing page to gather signups for the beta.
InVision The Design Genome Project, a collection of reports that show how some of the world’s most innovative companies approach design.
2017 AI Labs Product and design coaching for this fintech startup.
Gnomad Product strategy, art direction, and design for a rideshare concierge iPad app.
Athletes in Action Social media content strategy that can provoke a conservative audience.
The Digital Initiative at Harvard University Editorial strategy, art direction, and content management for monthly editions about the digital transformation of the economy.
athenahealth Consulting & coaching on design system-based workflow and reorganization.
ExxonMobil Unity, an enterprise design system to help scale design at an organization with over 500 developers and only 5 designers.
Grovo A foundational new site that can easily shift as they learn about how their customers react to their novel microlearning approach.
The OpenGov Foundation A quick design sprint on Madison, a platform that allows constituents to work diretly with elected officials on legislation in real-time.
2016 Dotdash Transitioning the former to a handful of new verticals—Verywell Health, The Balance, The Spruce, and Dotdash itself—with new branding, art direction, editorial direction, front-end, and back-end code to become the #1 fastest-growing publisher online.
The College of Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University A beautiful, editorial presentation for a media-focused higher ed site.
The General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists ALPS, the Adventist Living Pattern System, a design system for this international church. Follow along at
Aetna Re-envisioning how health insurance might work if episodes of care were more transparent consumers.
Smashing Magazine A bold new perspective on this publication for designers and developers.
Seton Hill University A prospective-student-focused higher ed site.
Radify Crafting a love letter from software agency founders to their target manufacturing industry.
2015 Benchmade Modern An iPad app that controls robots that move furniture around.
O’Reilly Media Repositioning from the perception of a discount bookseller to a technology company that identifies big ideas in the world and gives them a platform.
Redacted Rethinking their communication strategy to generate more qualified leads.
WNYC New prototypes to encourage better discovery in the flagship iOS app.
Philadelphia Media Network An iterative approach to rolling-out a mobile-first, responsive More about the process at
2014 Google Microsite to announce the Little Box Challenge, an open competition to build a smaller power inverter with a $1,000,000 prize.
The New York Times Novel ways to announce their new subscription offerings.
Real Simple Creating a digital experience as beautiful as the print magazine.
Grammarly Branding & identity for this proofreading app startup.
Quartz Early prototypes for a chart maker that ultimately became Atlas.
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty A performance-focused, mobile-first responsive website and workshopping to level up the development team.
University of Massachusetts Mobile strategy and design review.
Cloud City Labs Protopying and workshopping to create next-generation email software.
Reading Is Fundamental A new website for this literacy non-profit. See the process on the RIF project hub.
2013 1800contacts Identity explorations.
Grantland A responsive site that made the mobile experience better to read than desktop. RIP.
Entertainment Weekly A mobile site that performed so well that they replaced the desktop site with it. More about the process.
TechCrunch An irreverent new site for this irreverent tech blog. More about the process.
Redacted A microsite to advertise a new device.
Sifter Art direction & design for the best issue tracker around.
Involution Concept exploration for a new type of services website.
Newsworks Responsive retrofitting for Philly’s public radio station website.
No Chains An iOS app to help you find the best non-chain restaurant near you.
Mastercard A blog to house content about the cashless generation.
Redacted Strategy and prototyping for a prevention-focused wearable.
Pymetrics Branding, identity, site design, and build for this neuroscience startup.
2012 Redacted Contest website for confectionery campaign
Redacted Product concepts.
ESPN Microsite to announce the new season of 30 for 30.
Knomadic Prototyping for a new digital publication with novel video capabilities.
Attensity Media New website for an intelligence platform.
R&K Solutions Art direction & design for this property portfolio management company.
Polymer Solutions Art direction & design for this independent materials testing laboratory.
Tangent Energy Solutions Dashboard designs to visualize solar energy usage for elementary schools.